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The Once-A-Week 3-Step Program

From start to finish, the Once-a-Week 3-Step program takes just minutes of your time, only once-a-week! That's minutes, instead of hours, to keep your pool water crystal clear and brilliant.

BioGuard's Once-a-Week 3-Step Program is Ideal for:
• Pools up to 25,000 gallons
• Above-ground and in-ground pools
• Pump circulation 10 to 24 hours per day*
• Proper water flow through skimmers, with adequate skimmer basket area
• Any surface type

It's as easy as 1-2-3!
Step 1: Sanitize to kill bacteria
Step 2: Oxidize and clarify for sparkling clear water
Step 3: Prevent algae growth

BioGuard® - Once-A-Week 3-Step Program Step 1
Keep pool water sanitized with BioGuard Smart Sticks®

• Extra long-lasting chlorine sanitizer that dissolves slowly and all but stops dissolving when pump is off
• Kills and prevents bacteria, while maintaining proper chlorine levels
• Easy to apply to skimmer, no special feeder required.

*If pump circulation is more than 12 hours per day, Smart Sticks may need to be applied more often than once per week.

BioGuard® - Once-A-Week 3-Step Program Step 2
Keep pool water clear with BioGuard Smart Shock™

• Keeps water sparkling clear
• Multi-functional product shocks, oxidizes, buffers and clarifies
• Kills and prevents bacteria growth
• Unique blue algae-fighting crystals kill algae
• No need to mix or pre-dissolve
• Available in convenient 1 lb. bags, 2 lb. resealable bottles and 25 lb. buckets

BioGuard® - Once-A-Week 3-Step Program Step 3
Keep algae out with BioGuard Back-Up®

• Specially formulated to work with Smart Sticks and Smart Shock to prevent algae before it starts
• Long-lasting formula works even harder when water temperatures rise in mid-summer
• Won't evaporate or stain pool surfaces
• No need to mix or pre-dissolve

Optimize This Program!
Patented technology makes Optimizer Plus® a valuable addition to any of the BioGuard brominating, chlorinating or biguanide programs:

• Helps suppress algae growth when used per label directions
• Improves water clarity
• Creates soft and soothing water